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Bel Canto for Beginners

Continuing Education for the Adult Singer

The human voice does not fully mature until after age 30, sometimes even age 40. But ironically, there are very few training options for this age group and above. Even finding high-quality private instruction can be challenging, as many well-known voice teachers only maintain studios at the universities where they teach or private studios for working, established singers. At BCB, we have developed a course catalogue coupled with private instruction that attracts this type of singer. Whether these singers are working at the local/regional level or are simply committed to high-quality vocal training, an adult singer has improved artistic integrity, self-awareness, mental health strategies, and perspective.  Our seminar is intended to appeal to these characteristics in the adult singer.


Founded by soprano Lauren Frey in 2020, Bel Canto for Beginners-Continuing Education for the Adult Singer was created out of necessity. Based on the frustrations of her own adult students, Lauren became aware that there was a lack of programming beyond the young-artist level. Typically Young Artist Programs are for singers younger than 30 years old. But, what happens when a singer continues (or begins) developing after age 30? With some amount of study, life experience, or even professional experience under their belt, attending YAPs with 20-somethings can be not only humiliating, but unhelpful and uninformative. Yet these singers want an opportunity for high-quality education with esteemed professionals, previously reserved for the most prestigious YAPs. This seminar was developed for the mature singer who has aged out of YAPs, but still craves innovative and relevant continuing education as a performer, pedagog, or lifelong learner.

Course Catalogue Announcement Coming Soon!

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