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V o i c e  S t u d i o

Lauren Frey is a graduate of Westminster Choir College with a degree in Voice Performance and Pedagogy, where she was a protégée of famed Metropolitan Opera soprano, Sharon Sweet.  Lauren has continued her development under the guidance of Ms. Sweet and also serves as Ms. Sweet's teaching assistant.  Lauren worked with the Sharon Sweet Studio in several masterclasses conducted at Westminster Choir College in Princeton, New Jersey.  In addition to her masterclasses at WCC, she has also led masterclasses with Opera Steamboat, in New York City, and throughout New York and New Jersey.  Lauren and her husband, Chris Longo, co-own the Frey Longo Music Studio, which offers virtual and in-person lessons for numerous instruments.

Lauren has performed extensively both domestically and abroad with companies such as New York City Opera, The Philadelphia Orchestra, New York Philharmonic, St. Petersburg Opera, and Lyric Opera Weimar.  She has been passionate about sharing her expertise through her own private voice studio since 2007.  She is experienced working with all levels and a range of musical styles.   As a result of her classical training with Ms. Sweet, Lauren repeatedly demonstrates that vocal technique is built via vocal exercises (vocalises) that are based in the bel canto tradition.  Vocalises on specific pure vowels establish a healthy and easy production.  Through these vocalises, students are trained to sing with a relaxed jaw, released tongue, forward vowels, creating space on the inhalation, independence between the articulators and, of course, breath.  By maintaining a breath-based, holistic process, the voice naturally balances and its unique characteristics can come through.  First and foremost, Lauren strives to help students build a consistent, healthy process that leads to a balanced sound. 

Throughout her career, Lauren has studied with some of the country’s leading teachers and coaches from prestigious institutions, such as The Metropolitan Opera, New York City Opera, Opera Philadelphia, Westminster Choir College, and Juilliard.  She is passionate about passing the traditions and teachings of these mentors onto her students. 

In addition to her work as a voice teacher, Lauren is working towards her Masters degree as a certified Speech-Language Pathologist.  She is a certified TESOL ELS teacher.  This gives her the knowledge and tools to discuss proper pronunciation, diction, articulation, and production.  She is comfortable working in English, Italian, Spanish, German, French, Russian, and Czech.  Furthermore, Lauren has also helped clients, including teachers, narrators, and news anchors, develop a healthy and well-produced speaking voice.